Patient Participation Group

Are you happy with the services the Waterfront Practice provides?

Do you want to be involved in developing and improving patient services?

Then why not join our Patient Participation Group or provide us with feed-back on-line?

Get in Touch

The aim of the Patient Participation Group (PPG) is to promote and develop co-operation between the practice and patients to the benefit of both.

If you would like to join our PPG or simply come to one of our meetings, please complete our online Patient Participation Group Registration form.

If you are unable to come to meetings but would still like to be involved please join our virtual group and keep in touch via e-mail. Your ideas, views and experiences are important to the PPG and all those who work at the Waterfront Practice.

The group is working:

  • To encourage discussions, invite and request feedback to help improve the provision of healthcare within the practice.
  • To try and ensure that the PPG is representative of the practice population in terms of gender, age and ethnic background.
  • To support and encourage a two-way relationship between the patients and practice.
  • To seek to listen to the views of patients, carers and staff.
  • To provide constructive feedback on patient and community needs, concerns and interests.
  • To offer the patient perspective on Practice Health Care and Health Education policies proposed by the practice.

PPG Survey Review