Please see how we, as a practice, ensure confidentiality of patient information:

  • All practice staff have to sign a confidentiality agreement. Breach of this confidentiality agreement can lead to instant dismissal.
  • All staff has their own passwords to log on to our computer systems, which must be changed every month for security purposes.
  • Only certain staffs are allowed the use of consultation mode and other delicate information on the system, such as the doctors and nurses.
  • All health care workers, e.g. doctors, community nurses, chiropodists, physiotherapists etc., have access to the health records of patients – all consultations are in the strictest confidentiality, except on a need to know basis, with other health care professionals.
  • All visitors to our surgery are asked to sign a visitors book on arrival and when leaving must indicate a departure time.
  • All visitors who are not known to the staff must complete a confidentiality form, indicating all relevant details, e.g. what organisation they are from.
  • All patient records are stored in fireproof cabinets, which are closed at the end of each working day.
  • The Data Protection Act of 1998 covers the practices. This Act covers both paper and computer records and is renewable every year.
  • Information about you is only given out if a consent form has been signed e.g. insurance companies and solicitors.
  • Please help us by keeping us informed of any personal detail changes, such a new address or telephone number.